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This Statement of Votes Cast lists voter registration, ballots cast and voter turnout percentages (by party where applicable). Voter registration information is current as of the last day to register to vote in the election (15 days prior to the election). Late arriving, but eligible, voter registration affidavits are not included in the registration figures. Nor are voters who re-registered to change political affiliation, whose eligible registrations were received within 14 days of the election, reflected in the political party registration breakdown. Further, provisional ballots cast on Election Day and crossover voting by unaffiliated voters are factors that are reflected in the Ballots Cast column, but are not accounted for in the Registration column. Because of these contributing factors, voter turnout percentages in some precincts exceed 100%. This is often the case when political parties allow participation by unaffiliated voters and in small mailed ballot precincts.
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