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Precincts Reporting: 1106/1106
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President of the United States
Precincts Reporting: 1106/1106 Click here for precinct level results      Click here for a map of the results
10611061106106 99    10PREMPRC
 DEM Party BARACK OBAMA                          300,50358.06%
 REP Party MITT ROMNEY                           202,51439.13%
 LIB Party GARY JOHNSON                          6,1341.19%
 G-P Party JILL STEIN                            2,7530.53%
 P-F Party ROSEANNE BARR                         2,4190.47%
 NON Party WRITE-IN                              1,7270.33%
 A-I Party THOMAS HOEFLING                       1,5320.30%
 OVER VOTES                            916   1060 
 UNDER VOTES                           3,547   1060 
  Total Votes522,045  
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