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Precincts Reporting: 0/1263
Last Refresh: 9/24/2014 9:03:43 AM

Director, Cosumnes Community Services District
Precincts Reporting: 0/171 Click here for precinct level results      Click here for a map of the results
1640171164 99Y05010090MPRC
 NON Party RICH LOZANO                           0   1640NON
 NON Party ROD BREWER                            0   1640NON
 NON Party ORLANDO FUENTES                       0   1640NON
 NON Party WRITE-IN                              0   1640NON
 OVER VOTES                            0   1640 
 UNDER VOTES                           0   1640 
  Total Votes0  
Director, San Juan Water District
Precincts Reporting: 0/119 Click here for precinct level results      Click here for a map of the results
1650119165 99Y01010090MPRC
 NON Party MARTIN HANNEMAN                       0   1650NON
 NON Party ART STARKOVICH                        0   1650NON
 NON Party CHARLES T. ROSE                       0   1650NON
 NON Party DAN RICH                              0   1650NON
 NON Party EDWARD J. "TED" COSTA                 0   1650NON
 NON Party ROBERT "BOB" G. WALTERS               0   1650NON
 NON Party MARCIA L. FRITZ                       0   1650NON
 NON Party WRITE-IN                              0   1650NON
 OVER VOTES                            0   1650 
 UNDER VOTES                           0   1650 
  Total Votes0  
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